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About me

Hello there!
I am William 16 years old from Finland. Beginner of after effect since end of 2015. My works are very high quality and extremely fast. My after effect experiences are not that much but my work will definitely be improved every day. All banners should be done in 1-2h after payment, if I am available to make banners!

Terms of service:
All services begin by contacting me for the details in which you would like your banner to be made in. You may contact via Private message or by adding me on skype(static.duby) once contacting me, we will discuss the price along with the details of the banner. If both parties agree to the deal, the consumer must pay via paypal. I will start working immediately after the payment goes through. All banners should be completed by 1-2hours after the payment. If something is wrong with the banner or it's made not the correct way, we will offer to edit it once. Lastly, chargebacks will NOT be tolerated!


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3D text, high quality effects, smooth slide animations and fancy particles.
Simple none animated banner with your server logo/name and features for minecraft-server-list.
2D banner with simple slide with your server logo/name and features.
Text edits
are free!

Note: Free banner edits are meant for old customer's banners. This doesn't mean I can edit random banner's texts!

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